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Nikon Biological Microscopes


Nikon_Ni-ENikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorised Microscope
Nikon’s Eclipse Ni-E upright research microscope incorporates a revolutionary modular design that allows easy expansion and precise system customization.
Nikon_Ci-ENikon Eclipse Ci-E Microscope
Nikon’s latest innovation in clinical microscopy. The Nikon Eclipse Ci-E offers the most advanced ergonomics, durability and an unsurpassed view wrapped into a fully automated, compact design.
Nikon_Ni-UNikon Eclipse Ni-U Microscope
The Ni-U can be configured in a multitude of ways depending on the requirements of the user. Its adaptability makes it suitable for many applications, from clinical examination to research, and features motorized accessories that include nosepiece, fluorescence attachment, and shutter.
Nikon_E200Nikon Eclipse E200-LED Microscope
The Eclipse E200-LED is an ideal microscope for basic laboratory use or as a student microscope for educational purposes. With its newly developed LED Eco-Illumination system, the laboratory microscope produces brighter, sharper, crisper, and clearer images for a noticeably enhanced view.
Picture5Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope
The Nikon Eclipse Ti-E is the market leading inverted microscope that is capable of undertaking the most challenging bioscience imaging needs.
Nikon_TS-100Nikon Eclipse TS100 Microscope
The Nikon Eclipse TS100 is a user-friendly inverted microscope for routine microscopy.
Nikon_Ti-SNikon Eclipse Ti-S Microscope
The Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Research Microscope is Nikon’s entry level research microscope. This microscope is an excellent starting building block for many research applications.
Nikon-Ts2-inverted-microscopeNikon Eclipse Ts2 Inverted Microscope
The Nikon Eclipse Ts2 Inverted Microscope is the latest of the Nikon user-friendly inverted microscope for routine microscopy.


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