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Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope

Scientists have overcome many live cell imaging challenges using advanced techniques such as TIRF, confocal, FRET, photo activation and microinjection. At the center of all this is the ECLIPSE Ti, a powerful system that provides instant access to all these methods plus revolutionary Nikon CFI60 optics. Available in three models, the Ti series offers improved system speeds, increased flexibility and efficient multi-mode microscopy as part of a fully-integrated microscope system that is ideal for high-end research and live cell imaging.
Key Features:
Stable time-lapse imaging with automatic focus correction system
The Ti-E comes with a unique Perfect Focus System (PFS) that automatically corrects focus drift in real time during a prolonged period of time-lapse imaging.
Focus drift resulting from a temperature drop when reagents are added is instantaneously corrected and the rapid change of cells can be captured.
The incorporation of the PFS in the nosepiece unit saves space and allows two optical component levels to be attached simultaneously utilizing stratum structure.
Improved performance in broader wavelength range
By now employing 870nm wavelength for the coverglass interface detection, near-infrared fluorescence dyes including Cy5.5 can be used. Nikon offers two PFS models, one for UV-visible wavelength imaging and one for multiphoton imaging. The multiphoton model can correct for focus drift even when imaging with wavelengths ranging from 880-1300 nm.
High-speed motorized control and acquisition
The operational speeds of motorized components such as the nosepiece, fluorescence filters and stage have been greatly enhanced, allowing high-speed screening image capture during multi-dimensional experiments. Faster device movement and image acquisition reduce overall light exposure and subsequent photo-toxicity, leading to more meaningful data. The digital Controller Hub significantly increases motorized accessory speed by reducing communication overhead time between components, boosting total operation speed.
High-quality phase contrast images using high NA lenses
The revolutionary external phase contrast unit incorporates a phase ring and allows the use of high NA objective lenses without a phase ring for phase contrast observation. Because there is no light loss due to a phase ring, bright “full intensity” fluorescence images as well as high-resolution phase contrast images can be captured using the same objective lens.
Advanced integration with peripherals via intelligent software
Nikon’s comprehensive imaging software NIS-Elements provides an integrated control of the microscope, cameras, components and peripherals. The intuitive GUI and efficient workflow make the programming of automated imaging sequences up to 6D (X, Y, Z, time, wavelength, multipoint) easy to perform.


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