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Wafer Overlay Systems


Qoniac is the premier supplier of on-product process optimization and control solutions for leading-edge semiconductor lithography & patterning. Founded in 2009 in Dresden (Germany), we are the proud representatives of Qoniac in this part of the world.
OVALiS Software Suite
on‐product process optimization, diagnostics, monitoring & control

Lithography & patterning are facing a lot of challenges to achieve high process yield, productivity, and low cost, due to smaller feature sizes, new materials and designs:
Process optimization for ramping products is very time-consuming.
Multiple patterning requires new paradigms for handling complexity.
Metrology measurement effort has increased, resulting in lower tool throughput.
Exposure tool calibration & matching needs to be done more often, impacting productive time.
Run-to-run (APC) complexity has increased, often leading to suboptimal process control settings.
Troubleshooting problems consumes a lot of manpower and tool time.
Equipment software (tool calibration & optimization) and generic process automation (APC, SPC, FDC) alone are insufficient to overcome these challenges, as both types of software do not sufficiently address on-product process optimization.
The OVALiS software suite by Qoniac is the only solution targeting all aspects required to solve this process optimization gap. OVALiS uses one database to combine measurement data with context information from different types of equipment, as well as mass context information from fab automation. As a result, OVALiS provides – in a very efficient way – the four aspects needed today for on-product performance improvement: optimization by simulation, diagnostics, monitoring, and next-level process control.
Auros-OL-600nThe OL-600n is an overlay metrology system with Auros’ unique and innovative technology, which can provide the optimum performance for the 2X/1Xnm nodes. This advanced system, in particular, offers the enhanced precision.
Auros-OL300nThe OL-300n is a system designed to provide optimal performance up to 2x design-rule devices, and also features low ownership costs, while yielding the highest throughput at the world’s highest level of precision.
Auros-OL300nThe OL-300nw is a metrology system that can accurately measure the alignments between very tiny pads and bumps of different sizes in the wafer-level packaging and TSV processes, which are new packaging technologies.


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