• FABMATICS – Material Handling Automation

    Fabmatics is a specialist for the automation of material flows and handling processes in semiconductor fabs, semiconductor process plants and other high-tech production environments.

  • Industrial Compound Microscopes

    We are the de facto Specialist of Microscopy in Singapore. The Industrial microscopes are used very widely in almost every industry. Application range from observation of microstructure of metal to inspecting tiny structure in semiconductor wafers.

  • AUROS Overlay Metrology System

    AUROS produces metrology system for advanced waver overlay measurement. The OL-600n is an overlay metrology system with Auros’ unique and innovative technology, which can provide the optimum performance for the 2X/1Xnm nodes.

  • QONIAC OVALiS Software Suite

    Qoniac is the leading developer of On Product Overlay Optimization system used in the most advanced 300mm wafer fab. OVALiS Software Suite provides solution in many aspect of Overlay and CD optimization.