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Nikon NEXIV VMZ-R4540

The CNC Video Measuring System “NEXIV VMZ-R4540” is capable of accurately measuring the dimensions and shapes of high density and multi-layered electronic components.
Key Benefits:
– Six types of optical zooming head
– Detection of 0.1 mm transparent layer
– 8-segment ring illumination with three incident angles
– High measuring accuracy
– Faster throughput
– 15x high-speed zoom
Benefits & features
Standard magnification zooming heads: type 1 – 3
Type 1, 2 and 3, have Nikon 15× zoom optics with a long working distance, wide FOV and a high NA 0.35. They come with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with three incident angles.
High magnification zooming heads: type 4, TZ
Type 4 and TZ have Nikon 15× and 120× zoom optics with higher magnification and a higher NA 0.46. Type 4 comes with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with a 50-degree incident angle. TZ has LED episcopic, diascopic (for higher magnification) and darkfield illuminators.
Wide field-of-view zooming head: type A
Type A features Nikon 10× zoom optics with the widest FOV, the longest working distance and the highest NA 0.11. It comes with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with an 18-degree incident angle.
Detection of 0.1 mm transparent layer
Designed to detect the surfaces of thin transparent materials, the new TTL Laser AF works with the same high speed and high accuracy as the VMR series Laser AF.
8-segment ring illumination with three incident angles
Standard magnification zooming heads (type 1-3) come with 8-segment LED inner and outer ring illuminators as well as episcopic and diascopic illuminators. Incident angles of 37, 55 and 75 degrees, illumination directions by combining any 8-segment lights and light intensity can be adjusted.
Stroke (X Y Z): 450 x 400 x 200 mm (17.7 x 15.7 x 7.8 in.)
Minimum readout: 0.01 µm
Maximum workpiece weight: 40 kg (44.1 lb.)
Measuring uncertainty: EUX,MPE EUY,MPE: 1.2+4L/1000 μm EUXY, MPE: 2+4L/1000 μm
Z measurement uncertainty: EUZ,MPE: 1.2+5L/1000 μm (with Laser AF)
Camera: Progressive scan; B&W / 3CCD Color / High Resolution (Option) Contact Nikon sales rep. in case of Type 3 with Color CCD
Working distance: Type 1/2/3: 50 mm, Type A: 73.5mm (Laser AF 63 mm)
Magnification vs. field of view: Type 1: 0.5 – 7.5x / 9.33 x 7 – 0.622 x 0.467 mm Type 2: 1 – 15x / 4.67 x 3.5 – 0.311 x 0.233 mm Type 3: 2 – 30x / 2.33 x 1.75 – 0.155 x 0.117 mm
Type A: 0.35 – 3.5x / 13.3 x 10 – 1.33 x 1 mm
Auto focus: Laser AF (Type A option) / Image AF
Illumination: Diascopic, episcopic, 8 segment ring illumination (Type1/2/3 3 incident angle, Type A single incident angle)
Power source: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 5A-2.5A
Dimensions & weight (W x D x H): Main unit & table: 1020 x 1340 x 1820 mm / 500 kg (40.2 x 52.8 x 71.7 in. / 1100 lb.) Controller: 190 x 450 x 440 / 15 kg (7.5 x 17.7 x 17.3 in. / 33 lb.)
Footprint: 2300 x 1700 mm


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