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Fabmatics – Material Handling Automation

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Fabmatics is an experienced specialist for the automation of material flows and handling processes in semiconductor factories, semiconductor process plants and other high-tech production environments. The company has been successfully implementing customer-specific automation projects for more than 25 years enabling them to make their production more efficient, faster and safer. Fabmatics is world-wide active and employs about 210 people.
Products of Fabmatics
Mobile robot system for quick transport and automatic handling of wafer cassettes without manual assistance. The HERO®FAB combines an established, clean and safe robot system, with an innovative vehicle (AGV).
As an autonomously navigating mobile robot, the SCOUT® is the ideal and flexible alternative to permanently installed transport systems. It does not require any guidance systems on the floor or on the ceiling.
Rail-guided transport and automated handling system for wafer cassettes, designed to fully automatically load and unload process tools, and enable fast transportation between process tools and the transport system in the cleanroom.
Photo credit: Infineon Technologies
Fabmatics_Stocker_PurgeStocker Purge System
The retrofittable Stocker Purge System by Fabmatics purges FOUPs with an inert gas during interim storage. Thus, it reliably protects wafers between process steps from undesired chemical reactions due to humidity and evaporation.
The FlatStocker is an innovative system to store material carriers e.g. for open wafer cassettes and H200 boxes underneath the cleanroom ceiling. FlatStocker provides carrier ID information, in real time, to the customer’s MCS (Material Control System) using RFID and barcode technology.
Fabmatics_Smart_Load_PortSmart Load Port
The RFID-based Smart Load Port (SLP) is a station for the manual input and output of 300mm or 450mm FOUPs into or out of an automatic overhead transport system in a semiconductor fab. The integrated RFID technology ensures automatic lot identification during loading and unloading process.
Fabmatics_Slim_Load_PortSlim Load Port
The Slim Load Port provides operators Manual access to 300 or 450 mm FOUPs exactly where they are needed for their work, always flexibly and at any location in the fab.
Fabmatics_RFIDRFID Reader, Gateway, Accessoires, Applications, Reading Stations etc.
Our customer-specific RFID systems for the identification of batches always ensure a transparent material flow in your cleanroom production and convince with a best price-performance ratio.


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