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KGS Diamond

Company Profile
KGS DIAMOND is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible diamond abrasives and electrolytically metallised fabrics. Founded in Switzerland in 1906, manufacturing abrasives since 1952. KGS has more than 20 sales and distribution offices in Europe, North America, Middle East, Singapore, India, China and Australia as well as six manufacturing sites located in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and India.
KGS is a technology driven company regularly applying for patents and bringing innovations to the abrasives world. The control of complex technologies such as metallisation of fabrics, electroplating, metal bond and resin bond sintering, moulded resin expertise, spray coating and standard coated abrasives technologies allows for technological synergies and truly unique innovations.
KGS’s business success is rooted in a traditional set of core values which link back directly to its founders many years ago… While products and markets continue to change, the KGS core values have remained the same. Some products of KGS is shown as follow.
Metallography_Grinding_Disc_KGS_TelumKGS Telum® discs
This is a Metal-bond diamond grinding disc. The strong interlocking arrow pattern, specifically developed for stock removal and finishing is ideal for grinding non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass and stone. This pattern, with the arrows in multi directional line structure, has continuous contact with the work piece ensuring a clear, homogeneous grinding action that eliminates any witness lines. Best used with coolant.
Metallography_Grinding_Disc_KGS_Flexis_discsKGS Flexis® discs
This is a metal-bond diamond grinding disc. Professional standard dot pattern range of highly flexible diamond abrasives for grinding and finishing. This pattern has a high temperature resistance, due to superior heat dissipation, promoting outstanding performance. The KGS Flexis® pattern is available in metal bond. Best used with coolant.
Metallography_Grinding_Disc_KGS_Speedline_Promet_discsKGS Speedline® Promet discs
This is a resin-bond diamond grinding disc. The new KGS resin bonded range of diamond abrasive discs for fine grinding and polishing to low Ra values. The KGS Speedline® Promet discs provide high stock removal through to a high polish on a wide range of materials including various metals, ceramics, glass and stone. The optimized diamond concentration and narrow particle size distribution ensure a flat and distortion free surface. As coolant it is best to use deionized water.
Metallography_Grinding_Disc_KGS_Speedline_Ecolap_discsKGS Speedline® Ecolap discs
This is a resin-bond diamond grinding disc. The KGS Speedline® Ecolap discs are the perfect, longer life alternative to conventional sandpaper. This thin layered, resin bonded diamond disc is an economical option for short runs that do not require long life discs. Easily cleaned to minimize cross contamination, they are suitable for use on a wide range of materials including various metal, ceramics, glass and stone. Available with self-adhesive backing for easy application to common backing types. As coolant it is best to use deionized water.


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