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MarSurf M 400 Mobile Roughness Measurement

MarSurf M 400. The best of the “mobiles”. Surface evaluation using skidless tracing is not only needed in the measuring room but is required more and more in production as well. This usually means higher demands on operator qualities, more time, more adjustment work. In the line of “mobile surface metrology”, MarSurf M 400 offers this required scope of performance and at the same time simple and fast operability.
Key Features:
– Mobile and stationary measuring instrument
– Roughness and waviness measurements
– Traversing lengths up to 26 mm
– Over 50 R , W and P surface parameters
– Automatic choice of cut-off and traversing length in accordance with international standards
– Dynamic calibration function
– Cable and Bluetooth connection between drive unit and evaluation instrument (4 m) (MarSurf M 400 C is only with cable connection)
– Magnetic probe holder (break away probe) BFW 250
– Motorized probe zero setting (max. 7.5 mm)
Technical Data
Positioning speed: 0.5; 1.0
Measuring principle: Stylus method
Probe: BFW skidless system
Measuring units: metric/inches
Measuring range mm: +/- 250 µm (up to +/- 750 µm with 3x probe arm length)
Profile resolution: Measuring range +/- 250 µm: 8 nm, Measuring range +/- 25 µm: 0.8 nm
Filter according to ISO/JIS: Gaussian filter as per ISO 11562, Filter as per ISO 13565
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS: 1-5
Contacting speeds: 0,2 mm/s; 1,0 mm/s
Stylus: 2 µm
Measuring force (N): 0.75 mN
Weight drive unit: approx. 0.9 kg
Weight measuring instrument: approx. 1.0 kg
Surface parameters: Over 50 surface parameters for R, P and W profiles according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF standards (ISO 12085)


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