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Nikon Eclipse L200ND

Combined with Nikon’s superior CFI60 LU/L optical system and an extraordinary new illumination system, this microscope provides images with greater contrast, high resolving power and darkfield images three times brighter than before. Used independently, or in combination with wafer loaders, the L200 series performs exceptionally precise optical inspection of wafers, photo masks, reticles and other substrates.
– Antennae
– Telecom & Electronics
– Wafers
– Telescope optics
– Mobile phones, shavers & watches
Benefits & features
2 Models to Choose From
L200N: Offers 200mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for reflected light illumination defect identification with various observation methods such as brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing and DIC.
L200ND: Offers 200mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for both transmitted and relfected light illumination. In addition to the observation methods of the L200N, epi-fluorescence observations including 365nm UV exicitation is possible.
High Intensity Halogen Illumination
The high intensity 12V-50W halogen illuminator, (LV-LH50PC) provides greater brightnessthat than of a 12V-100W halogen illuminator with half the power consumption. This new lamphouse incorporates a rear mirror and optimized lamp filament size to allow effective and uniform illumination on the pupil plane which is critical in an optical plane.
Improved DIC microscopy
Nikon’s CFI LU Plan objectives allow the use of multiple observation techniques, including brightfield, darkfield, and Nomarski DIC using a single objective. For DIC, simply insert a single Nomarski prism into the nosepiece that works for all magnification ranges.
SEMI S2-0200, S8-0600 Compliant Design
Incorporating a SEMI-compliant design, controls and knobs are positioned low and close to the operator while the eyepoint is set at the ideal height for comfortable operation. With the controls located comfortably in the microscope base, hand movement is minimal, allowing concentration on the inspection process. The eyepiece is moved closer to the operator so that he or she can assume a more erect sitting posture. This also positions the operator farther from the stage to provide a more ergonomic and safe viewing position.
Tilting Eyepiece Tube
The eyepiece tube is of the trinocular tilting type, allowing continuous adjustment of the tilt angle from 0° to 30° for viewing at the optimum eyepoint level. The eyepiece also features an ultra-widefield design and has an F.O.V. of 25mm.
Fixed-Position X-Y Fine-Movement Controls
The X-Y fine-movement controls remain in the same position, close to the front, for a comfortable viewing posture regardless of the stage position. In addition, these controls, plus the focus knob, are located close to each other so you can operate both with one hand.
Motorized Nosepiece with Software Control
The motorized universal nosepiece for the L200N series microscope has improved centricity and is three times more durable than conventional models. It also contains an anti flash mechanism to protect the operators eyes when the nosepiece is rotated. The L200A built in motorized nosepiece includes a slot for DIC attachments, features a mechanical click stop and is controlled by software that enables the system to stop precisely at each respective objective position.
CFI60 Optical System
Provide outstandingly clear, sharp images with longer working distances, high numerical aperture (NA) and minimal flare. Signal to background ratios during darkfield observations are three times better than before to provide outstanding high contrast images ideal for high precision observations.
Vibration Isolation
Applying computer-aided engineering (CAE), Nikon increased the rigidity of the L200 series dramatically, making these microscopes three times less susceptible to floor vibrations when compared with conventional equipment. This, in turn, reduces the chance of unwanted blur or image shifts even during high magnification observations. While this superior design increases stability, it also results in a smaller footprint.
Main Body: Built-in Episcopic Illumination; built-in power sources for motorized control; motorized control for nosepiece; light intensity control; aperture diaphragm control
Focusing Mechanism: Cross travel: 29mm; Coarse: 12.7mm per rotation (torque adjustable, refocusing mechanism provided); Fine: 0.1mm per rotation (in 1µm increments)
Episcopic Illuminator: 12V/100W halogen lamp light source built-in; motorized aperture diaphragm (centerable); fixed field diaphragm (with focus target); pinhole slider (optional) can be mounted; four 25mm filters (NCB11/ND4/ND16/GIF) can be mounted; polarizer; analyzer
Nosepiece: Fixed-motorized Sextuple Universal Nosepiece; slot for DIC attachment provided
Eyepiece Tube: L2TT Ultrawide tilting trinocular eyepiece tube (tilt angle 0-30°, erect image); F.O.V.: 25mm; optical path changeover: 2-way (binocular:photo 100:0/0:100)
Stage: 8 x 8 Stage; stroke: 205 x 205mm; coarse/fine movement changeover possible; fixed-position X-Y fine-movement controls
Eyepieces: CFI eyepiece lens series
Objectives: CFI60 TU Plan series
Weight: 43.75 kg (96.45 lbs) when 8 x 8 stage and L2TT eyepiece tube are used
Compliance: SEMI S2-93A, S8-95, CE, UL


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