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Nikon Eclipse MA100N

Nikon Eclipse MA-100N microscope
The MA100N is a compact inverted microscope designated for bright field and simple polarizing observations. Responding to the requests from manufacturing and QA/QC sections in a variety of industries, Nikon developed this simple but durable model which enables high contrast image observation and capture. Further, the high intensity LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.
Benefits & Features:
Employment of high-intensity LED illumination (Eco-illumination)
Compared to conventional halogen illumination, these high intensity LED sources need only about one third of consuming electricity and last approximately 30 times longer. The MA100N ensures stable sample observation with uniform color temperature even in different light intensity.
Compact body
The MA100N is a model designated for LED illumination, which enables users to save about 11% of footprint and have more installation choices
Nikon developed the new MA-SR-N Rectangular Stage especially for the MA100N. The three-plate structure gives the microscope superior control and durability for observation of heavy samples, such as a grinder resin mounted samples.
Aperture Diaphragm
The epi illuminator comes standard with a variable aperture diaphragm to control image contrast and depth of field.
Optics:: CFI60 /CFI60-2 system
Observation image:Reversed image
Observation method:Brightfield and polarization (with MA P/A simple polarizer/analyzer set)
Focusing:Focusing nosepiece (fixed stage), coaxial coarse/fine adjustment knob with 8.5-mm stroke (Coarse adjustment of 37.7mm per turn, fine adjustment of 0.2mm per turn)
Nosepiece:Brightfield 5-position nosepiece
MA-SR-N Rectangular 3-plate Stage N
50×50 mm stroke (includes two stage inserts (ø20mm and 40mm opening) and coaxial control handle on the right side
The 3-plate design allows entire top surface to move. Optional Stage inserts: MA-SRSH1
Specimen Holder 1 with (ø15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening
MA-SP-N Plain Stage N
188×310mm – Includes two stage inserts (1) clear acrylic stage insert with ø30mm opening, (2) clear acrylic stage insert with crescent opening (width 30mm) to allow clearance for rotation of high magnification objectives
Optional stage inserts: MA-SRSH1 Specimen Holder 1 with 15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening
Accepts Attachable Mechanical Stage TI-SM
TS2-S-SM Mechanical Stage: 126mm×78mm stroke, handle can be attached on the right or left side of the plain stage
Optional Specimen Holders to fit Attachable Mechanical stage: MA-SH1-N Specimen Holder 1N (ø15mm opening)
MA-SH2-N Specimen Holder 2N (ø30mm opening), or C-S-HU Universal Holder (30mm to 65mm adjustable opening)
Illuminator: Internal power supply white LED light source, condenser built-in (lever operated), ø25mm filter can be inserted
Binocular body: Built-in Siedentopf binocular, 45 inclination angle and 50 to 75-mm interpupillary adjustment, attachable camera port, eyepiece/Port: 100/0:0/100
Dimensions: 229×551×404 mm (W×D×H)
Weight: Approx. 10kg


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